Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Snapseed Review

Finally getting a chance to review Snapseed from Nik Software. It's a post processing software available for Apple iOS and Mac devices. It's also available for Windows OS. It has not been released for Android... yet. It's in the works apparently. Below is a quick and easy cliff notes synopsis. if you want to dig a little deeper, check out the Nik Softwares - Snapseed site.


  • It's Cheap... Have you seen the price on some of the post processing software? RIDICULOUS! Snapseed- iOS $4.99  Mac & Windows OS $9.99 (ON SALE NOW) until August 16th. The retail is normally $19.99... Either way, this program is a steal at that price. 
  • It's Super Easy to use! Open a photo from the software and use/adjust any of the many tools or filters. 
  • U-Point technology makes it possible to simply point and selectively enhance objects, without the normal time-consuming and complicated tools required to make selections. With nothing more than your finger or mouse, you can make incredibly precise selections in seconds.
  • Save your own custom settings. If you have a look you like, save it! This way you can come back later and apply it to any photo without having to tweak and tweak to get the same look.
  • Layer adjustments and filters.


  • Some images can get a little noise or grain to them if you "over cook" them.
  • A good amount of filter choices, but you can get lost in the plethora. This is solved by saving your custom setting or noting the one you used. 


I think for the price and amount of control Snapseed gives you for this low price, you'd be almost crazy to pass it up. It's my "go-to" processing tool on my iPhone 4S and former iPhone 4. I also use it on my iMac. Below are a few samples that I used for Snapseed so you can see for yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

 Happy shooting, and happy processing!
Before Snapseed Mac OS
After Snapseed Mac OS

Before Snapseed Mac OS
After Snapseed Mac OS

iPhone 4 - Before Snapseed iOS
iPhone 4 After Snapseed iOS
Snapseed U-Point Control on iPad iOS

Snapseed Screen shot for iOS

Screen shot of Snapseed iPad iOS with filter and frame applied
Snapseed Mac OS Center Focus
Snapseed Windows OS Tilt-Shift

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