Sunday, April 29, 2012

15% OFF Photomatix by HDRsoft

Heavy Chevy

With all of my High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, I use Photomatix Pro by HDRsoft. This great software combines and tone-maps the multiple exposure images required for  basic HDR photography. It was the first software that I used when I just got started. I have used and tested others, but I keep coming back to the trusted and old faithful, Photomatix. If your looking to try HDR, this is "the" software to try and get.

HDRsoft has been kind enough to offer my blog readers 15% OFF ALL of their Photomatix programs. I always recommend you try it before you buy it to ensure it's what you want to spend your hard earned money on. Wether you use PC or a MAC, I have provided all of the links you will need for all of the Photomatix products. If you decide to purchase, feel free to use my coupon code "JimmyBatte" to get 15% off during your checkout! If you have any questions, feel free to ask via comment or via Twitter @Batteman87

Use Coupon Code
at checkout to save 15%.

Full price $39.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $33.15

***Photomatix Pro for Mac OS X*** 
*** This is the software package I specifically use for my HDR workflow.***
Full price $99.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $84.15

Full price $119 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $101.15

Full price $79.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $67.15

Full price $79.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $67.15

Friday, April 27, 2012

Topaz Labs 30% OFF This weekend only!

Happy Friday everyone! Wanted to let everyone know that Topaz Labs is offering an awesome 30% OFF ALL of their products this weekend only! As most of you might know, I use their great software as well as Photomatix with ALL of my HDR images. If you were on the fence about a product, they do offer a FREE trail but now would be the time to buy with 30% OFF!

The "The Bundle" is great, but if you're on a budget (Like me!),  I HIGHLY recommend Adjust 5.

at checkout


  1. 3 Exposures (-2, 0, 2) (Camera RAW)
  2. Photomatix Pro > Saved as 8bit Tiff
  3. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for duplicate layers per each adjustment/filter
  4. Topaz DeNoise
  5. Adjust 4 (Now 5)
  6. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for Watermark
  7. Saved as a medium size Jpeg.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Insanity Workout Photo

I started a new workout this past week. It's called Insanity... Believe me, It's INSANE! This is an image my wife took after one of my morning workouts via her iPhone 4. I got a hold of it via iCloud and processed it gently (see workflow below). If you're interested in following my progress and review, check out The Jimmy Batte Blog.

1. iPhone 4 > iCloud
2. Nik Snapseed to add vignette, black frame.
3. PSE 10 to add the font "INSANITY"
4. The sweat... no processing.. That sweat is ALL REAL!

The Old Aiken Post Office

The Old Aiken Post Office

This is what everyone in Aiken, SC refers to as "The Old Aiken Post Office". It was not only the Post Office, but once the hub for Sen. Strom Thurmond. My wife and I went out to shoot some photos downtown Aiken, SC on St. Paddy's Day this year.  This is one of the many I took while we walked around. Seem to turn out pretty nice.... It's currently at the printer now becoming a postcard that will be available for purchase soon!

Since posting,  I've received some inquiries about my workflow, so I thought I would share a little as I always do. I try to provide a simple format for my workflow. I even try to provide links to the software that I use. If you need help, or If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I don't mind sharing tips, techniques, and more detail to my workflow.

Workflow: My typical HDR 3 exposure at (-2...0...+2) > Photomatix Pro (Custom settings) > Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 > Topaz DeNoise(Jepg Strong) > Adjust 5  (Custom settings) > Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3.0 (Custom Settings) >Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (Watermark and Lettering)

Be Great!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First "Official" Postcards have been ordered!

I was recently contacted by someone about using some of my photos for some postcards. I'm "stoked" to have the opportunity to have my work on display! I just place my order with my printer and am awaiting my cards. I will be posting some workflow soon on the images below for those who are interested. Check back soon!

The Old Aiken Post Office
The Old Post Office, Aiken SC
Hopelands Gardens Aiken, SC
Hopelands Gardens, Aiken SC
Aiken Brewing Company
The corner of Laurens Street & The Alley - Aiken Brewing Co. Aiken, SC
Downtown Aiken, SC
The Downtown Fountain Aiken, SC

Thursday, April 12, 2012

1st Postcard Published!

Just published my first postcard! This is one of the fountains located in downtown Aiken, SC. I took this image while my wife and I were walking on a quiet St. Patricks Day morning. I received some good complements on it and decided to get it published as a postcard. Still contemplating on having a larger print made. Let me know if you're interested in a postcard, print, or have any questions. Thanks for looking!

-Be Great,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


DMD Panorama (iTunes) Normally $1.99, is now on sale (FREE) in the iTunes store now. DMD Panorama for iOS makes taking panoramic pictures with your iOS device super simple! You just launch the app, snap a picture, then move your device to the left or right sliding the on-screen Yin symbol into a Yang symbol... that's it. The app then processes it and can save it to your camera roll. A painless panoramic photo taken exclusively with your iOS device in four simple steps. Did I mention it's FREE! Not sure how long it will be free but get it while you can to test it out for yourself. I will post some images up that I take with it, but wanted to get the news out first before the price goes back up! (via LogicBuy)

DMD Panorama app is now back to original price. I hope you were able to grab this nice little app before it went back to $1.99. If, not, it's not a bad price for what it does. 

Panorama Play
My first DMD Panorama App for iOS. 
Need to play with the app a little more to work out the little things like how many images for the best result (3 or 4 is my best guess so far. It will take more). Pretty pleased with the result. Notice the only "stitching" at the right of the garage but I think that was my fault for a dip in the camera as I panned.

Keep Shooting, Be Great!
Jimmy Batte

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What the heck is F - Stop?

Here is a great little video I found that breaks down and explains what the heck F-Stop is. Dylan Bennett keeps it pretty simple. The video runs just short of 15 minutes. So, if you're new to photography and have no clue what the heck the F-Stop is.... check it out!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March HDR Collaboration

March 2012 HDR Collaboration
For the past few months this year our local Aiken, SC Flickr group has been collaborating and creating our own HDR version of the same image. Here is the one I contributed this month. The image was taken by Imageaiken. Here was my work flow:

My Work Flow for this Image

  1. 3 Images tone-mapped via Photomatix Pro Saved as a Tiff 
  2.  Opened in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 
  3. Topaz DeNoise - Jpeg Small 
  4. Duplicated copy 
  5. Applied Nik Complete Effect 3.0 Foliage effect 
  6. Duplicated this layer 
  7. Applied Adjust 4 (Simplify) and reduced the opacity of this layer to ~33%. 
  8. Saved as Medium size Jpeg in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 
  9. Final product!