Wednesday, April 4, 2012


DMD Panorama (iTunes) Normally $1.99, is now on sale (FREE) in the iTunes store now. DMD Panorama for iOS makes taking panoramic pictures with your iOS device super simple! You just launch the app, snap a picture, then move your device to the left or right sliding the on-screen Yin symbol into a Yang symbol... that's it. The app then processes it and can save it to your camera roll. A painless panoramic photo taken exclusively with your iOS device in four simple steps. Did I mention it's FREE! Not sure how long it will be free but get it while you can to test it out for yourself. I will post some images up that I take with it, but wanted to get the news out first before the price goes back up! (via LogicBuy)

DMD Panorama app is now back to original price. I hope you were able to grab this nice little app before it went back to $1.99. If, not, it's not a bad price for what it does. 

Panorama Play
My first DMD Panorama App for iOS. 
Need to play with the app a little more to work out the little things like how many images for the best result (3 or 4 is my best guess so far. It will take more). Pretty pleased with the result. Notice the only "stitching" at the right of the garage but I think that was my fault for a dip in the camera as I panned.

Keep Shooting, Be Great!
Jimmy Batte

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