Sunday, April 29, 2012

15% OFF Photomatix by HDRsoft

Heavy Chevy

With all of my High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, I use Photomatix Pro by HDRsoft. This great software combines and tone-maps the multiple exposure images required for  basic HDR photography. It was the first software that I used when I just got started. I have used and tested others, but I keep coming back to the trusted and old faithful, Photomatix. If your looking to try HDR, this is "the" software to try and get.

HDRsoft has been kind enough to offer my blog readers 15% OFF ALL of their Photomatix programs. I always recommend you try it before you buy it to ensure it's what you want to spend your hard earned money on. Wether you use PC or a MAC, I have provided all of the links you will need for all of the Photomatix products. If you decide to purchase, feel free to use my coupon code "JimmyBatte" to get 15% off during your checkout! If you have any questions, feel free to ask via comment or via Twitter @Batteman87

Use Coupon Code
at checkout to save 15%.

Full price $39.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $33.15

***Photomatix Pro for Mac OS X*** 
*** This is the software package I specifically use for my HDR workflow.***
Full price $99.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $84.15

Full price $119 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $101.15

Full price $79.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $67.15

Full price $79.00 w/ coupon code JimmyBatte = $67.15

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