Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Hand Signed Print Available!

Each Print is Hand Signed!

I'm super excited to be able to offer my prints from my blog here. By taking out the "middle man", I'm able to offer these awesome quality prints at super affordable prices! You will be able to get them in multiple sizes & I will hand sign each one of them! I just posted the first one, The Old Plantation Oak. It's an HDR image of an old oak tree located on the grounds of the southern plantation of Redcliffe. (Beech Island/Aiken, South Carolina).

This is a photo of a framed, double matted, & hand signed edition of this photo.
The double matte colors are: Rocky Mountain & Thunder
Note: This photo & lighting makes it appear darker than it actually is.

Note: Hand signed edition will not have watermark.

The Old Plantation Oak

Be sure to check back often, I look forward to offering more hand signed prints soon!
If you have any request or questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter or email me

Be Great, & thanks for looking!

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