Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pro Bundle Photomatix Presets

Bundle example photos: Titanic - PaintXpress1.xmp, Mountain Road - MtnRoad1.xmp, Lazy River - LzrRvr1.xmp

My NEW bundle of (25) Photomatix Pro presets available for download.  It includes the above example(s) LzrRvr1.xmp, MtnRoad1.xmp, PaintXpress1.xmp PLUS 22 MORE for just $0.99 (US). This saves you guess work and time to get the look you want! If you prefer to "test the waters" first, grab my FREE Photomatix Pro presets! Thats 30 presets total!  

Note: I've uploaded this file ("") to to ensure safe and convenient downloading. Transactions are through PayPal.

Instructions for downloading 
  1. Click to download the "" file. I suggest saving to your desktop. 
  2. Unzip the file. 
  3. Select the three files (LzrRvr1.xmp, MtnRoad1.xmp, PaintXpress1.xmp). 
  4. Copy and paste into your "Photomatix Pro Preset" folder. OR... Open up Photomatix Pro. Start to process an image. On the bottom of the adjustment menu, click import preset. (Seach for your desktop or where ever you saved the files). You might have to do it one at a time to get all three in. This is why I prefer the copy and paste method. 
  5. Once imported, you find them located in your custom preset collection.

Click to apply these to your HDR images. Then I recommend playing a little with the slider adjustments to get the exact look your going for if it's not there already. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! Leave a comment or Tweet me @Batteman87

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