Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flickr Walk Weekend

Heavy Chevy
Heavy Chevy - HDR
Completed a Flickr Walk this weekend with some great folks. (A Flickr Walk is basically a group of folks who like photography and get together to take photos. They shoot photos and collaborate sharing tips, tricks, and techniques.) I was able to take several pictures. Mostly 3 exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) shots. Now the fun of post processing and sharing what I hope will be some good shots and techniques that I've learned. Below are two of the photos I was able to take and above another one I was able to capture this weekend.

Redcliffe Plantation Sunset on the Grounds
The sun setting on the grounds of Redcliffe Plantation in Aiken, SC - HDR
Redcliffe Plantation Sunset
Redcliffe Plantation House with the sun setting.  Aiken, SC - HDR

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