Friday, February 3, 2012

Intro to Photo 101

My solution in high school, CliffsNotes... My solution in college, CliffsNotes...My solution now... CliffsNotes. By now, you can discern a theme. While you can't always get by this way, it is a great alternative to those who might be strapped for time. My recent post (pseudo CliffsNotes version) of The Rules of Thirds has since inspired me to keep providing "Cliff-Notes" versions of photography tips and tricks to my blog. Like several of you, I'm a busy too!  Time is a precious and is much better spent with family instead of reading a dissertation on how to take a better picture. That being said, I would like you to join me in an installment I'm calling "Photo 101".  I will be providing Quick, to the point, photography tips, tricks, and tools to make us all better. I will even try provide links to those of you who might want the dissertation version, but as for me... I want the meat and the potatoes, then I want to try out what I've learned.

Keep pointing, shooting, & processing!

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