Sunday, February 12, 2012

High Dynamic Range Photography

(Under Exposed) -2...-1...0...+1...+2 (Over Exposed)
High Dynamic Range - HDR
Quite often when people see my high dynamic range (HDR) photos they think it's a painting. When trying to explain it, many can get lost in the super technical definition along with the process behind it. I don't have time for super technical... as some of you don't. So, here is the watered down version!

An HDR photo is is basically a picture that has "high dynamic range" of luminance (light) between the lightest and darkest areas of an image (you can see into the shadows). A typical  HDR photo requires three or more different exposures. One exposure is under exposed (dark), one normal (typical photo), and one over exposed (too much light). These stages of photos are then combined and tone-mapped with software program e.g. Photomatix Pro (which I use). Once these images are combined and tone-mapped, you're left with the HDR image.

Redcliffe Plantation Tree
An HDR photo of an old tree on the grounds of a Southern Plantation 

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