Saturday, May 19, 2012

Local Propaganda Plug & Play

Robb Underwood -Local Propaganda
Got a chance to listen to a great band (Local Propaganda) play last night at the Fox's Lair in Augusta, Ga. Took this w/ my iPhone 4S. Check out Robb's Blog -The Unsung Songwriter where he's posting a new song every week! If you ever get a chance to see these guys play, do yourself a favor and go! 

Image WorkFlow
  1. iPhone 4S (Camera+ App) 
  2. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (PSE10) - Duplicate Layer
  3. Topaz DeNoise - Medium Jpeg -Apply
  4. PSE10 - Duplicate Layer
  5. Topaz Adjust 5 - (Detail Medium)
  6. PSE10 - Duplicate Layer
  7. Topaz BW Effects - Low Contrast I Vignette 
  8. PSE10 - Decreased BW Layer to 75% 
  9. PSE10 - Created a blank Layer for bar
  10. PSE10 - Created a blank Layer for Text
  11. PSE10 - Created a blank Layer for Watermark ~ On the Guitar :-)
  12. PSE10 - Saved as Max size Jpeg 10

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