Saturday, May 26, 2012

Single Image Adjust 5 Demo

Wanted to show off some of the great effects that Topaz Labs offers in their Plug-in Adjust 5. I frequently use Adjust 5 in my multiple exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos but, I wanted to demonstrate what this great software can do with single images.  Below is a single image that I took of my wife while playing with some maternity shots.

Single Image RAW - ISO 100 - 63mm  - 0 ev - f/5 - 1/160 - NO Processing

The single image above w/ Adjust 5 "Film Collection"  > "Vintage Grunge III" Applied

Image Before = Below Shoulders /After = Above her shoulders. 
Another Great thing about Topaz Adjust 5... Layers. You can apply multiple effects to the same image. I took the same image (with the Vintage Grunge III look alread applied) and then added Adjust 5 "Classic Collection" > "Soft Focus I"to get what you see below. YES... it's that easy!

Single Image  Adjust 5: "Film Collection"  > "Vintage Grunge III" Preset > "Classic Collection" > "Soft Focus I" Preset .  YES! It's that easy! 


If you're looking for something to make your photo's "Pop" and get that second look from your audience... Adjust 5 will do it! Topaz Labs even offers a FREE Trail for 30 Days if you want to try it out, but for $49.99 this is a great deal for what you can get. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Be Great, Keep Shooting!
Jimmy Batte

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